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How long are lessons?

We recommend 30 minute lessons once per week. Sometimes we can offer 45 minute lessons for more advanced musicians. Seniors 65+ get the special rate of 45 minutes for the price of a 30 minute lesson during off peak lesson times.

Do you teach all year round?

Yes, and for best results beginners should continue all year without breaks.  Occasional breaks for holidays and vacations are fine though. 

Do you charge for missed lessons? 

No, but we appreciate 24 hour notice if you will be absent. 3 absences each year are permitted at no extra charge. Sometimes we can reschedule lessons.

What if I don't have talent?

C'mon now! We are teachers not judges. Musicianship is mostly skill, and skills can be learned and developed by everyone. Anyone can learn to make music with professional guidance and a good method.

Do I have to perform in a recital?

No, but you might want to come to one of our open mic nights and meet other students. You might change your mind and play a couple tunes. It gives our students something fun to practice for. 

How much practicing do I have to do?

We think daily practice is best. Once you get into the habit it becomes a theraputic routine and the more regularly you practice the sooner you will be able to play your favorite songs. Depending on the instrument and student's age between 20 minutes to an hour per day.

Do you provide the instruments?

No, but we can help you choose a good one from a reputable source. We are not a store, just a lessons studio. We can do simple repairs such as restringing guitars and French horns, and removing stuck mouthpieces on brass instruments...that kind of thing.

What's the best age to start lessons?

At our studio we recommend the earliest age to start would be 8 or 9 for private lessons. Maybe as young as 7 for piano. For vocal students younger than 12 piano lessons are included in the lessons at no extra charge. For children ages 5 to 7 years old can schedule some music exploration playdates. We have had many seniors who started in the 80s and accomplished a great deal. It's never too late to start learning and the benefits of music lessons will enhance your life no matter when you start.

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